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Vegan Shoes, a growing audience?

One question we’re regularly asked at is whether the demand for vegan shoes is growing. It’s easy to reply with a resounding, yes. However, the truth is there remains widespread apathy amongst consumers regarding the origin and production cycle of their purchases. For most all that matters is rock-bottom value and to hell with any poor soul in the production cycle. For others it’s just about the label; as long as the label exhibits the necessary kudos then, again, who cares about any suffering in the production cycle. Ultimately, it comes down to exposure, the onus is on the media to expose all horrors that lie behind what we consume. The fact remains we’re not doing a great job in exposing the horrors which lie behind the meat and leather industries. Until we do vegan shoes will not gain the audience they deserve.

Vegan Shoes, a growing audience?

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